Welcome to A Scared Series

An enticing comet of herbal wisdom designed with inspiration from lineage and from the plants themselves. 

All Herbal Night School Online courses are five weeks long.  Each night class will be recorded for ease of acess anytime of the night (or day!).  Online Mini Courses include live interactive night class links, downloadable recording access, and pdf downloadable slides for each course. Join our Herbal Night School Community tonight! 

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A Sacred Series


5 Monday Nights Starting August 19 and going through September 23, 2019. (No class on Labor Day) 8:00-10pm EST

A Sacred Session with Mimi Hernandez will be presented live as an online webinar over the course of 5 weeks. Each night class will be recorded for ease of acess anytime of the night (or day!). The Sacred Series presents a collection of topics related to herbal energetics, altar medicine, cultural ethnobotany, self healing and herbal medicine. 

Sacred Series Night Class Schedule:

Night Class 1. Energetics in Herbology: This class presents simple connections between the elements, the planets, the plants, the doshas, and our bodies to weave together a glimpse of synergistic and energetic possibilities.

Night Class 2. Rue, Resins, and Roses: Sacred on Mimi’s healing altar are the old world protections of Rue, the medicinal resins of Sangre de Drago and Copal, and the healing enchantments of Rose. Receive the offering of these healing plants. 

Night Class 3: World Roots! Experience elixirs of vitality from around the world with 12 culturally important roots examined through lenses of science, tradition and intuition. Maca, Eleuthero, Ashwaganda, Shatavari, Astragalus and more. 

Night Class 4: An Aromatic Trilogy: Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena are three sacred herbs used in Latin American cleansing practices. While not all three plants are native to Latin America we can learn about how they have been woven into the traditional material medica and explore important medicinal uses.

Night Class 5: Self Heal and Prunella: Healer heal thyself, a personal experience and reflections on sacred baths, medicinal berries and a favorite flower or two.