Pre-Recorded Mini Courses with Mimi Hernandez

An Advanced Series: Medicinal Plant Constituents Recorded Series


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The Advanced Series presents a collection of topics about medicinal plant constituents and herbal activity as well as considerations for solvency and advanced medicine making. We will discuss Aromatics, Alkaloids, Polysaccharides, Polyphenols, Tannins, Glycosides and more! 

Night Class 1: Medicinal Plant Constituents Part 1

Night Class 2: Medicinal Plant Constituents Part 2

Night Class 3: Medicinal Plant Constituents Part 3

Night Class 4: Medicinal Plant Constituents Part 4

Night Class 5: Advanced Medicine Making Considerations

A Sacred Series Recorded Mini Course



The Sacred Series presents a collection of topics related to herbal energetics, altar medicine, cultural ethnobotany, self healing and herbal medicine. 

Night Class 1. Energetics in Herbology

Night Class 2: Rue, Resins, and Roses: 

Night Class 3: World Roots! 

Night Class 4: Aromatic Trilogy: Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena 

Night Class 5: Self Heal and Prunella: Healer heal thyself